Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl Named 12 Weeks

Well, I made it past the first trimester! (I think, I never know if second trimester starts at week 12 or 13...) Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better than I was a few weeks ago for sure. P and I had a nice weekend away in Branson, I did some shopping with a friend, and we stayed in a super nice hotel, got to eat dinner out (with no kids!) and have drinks (not me, them). It was relaxing, but not long enough! I have a 4 day weekend coming up for Labor Day, so a little more relaxing may be in order!

The Belly: It still isn't baby, but it's definitely there. Although, being a smidgen overweight to begin with, I still just look fat. :)

Food: Fortunately, most aversions are past by now. I still DO NOT want a hamburger, but not as many things turn my stomach now. I still love anything salty or spicy, and I only want to drink unsweetened iced tea, with Truvia in it. I know that's not the best because of the caffeine and artificial sweetener, but I try to mix in some water here and there too.

Baby: It's the size of a lime this week!

Feeling: I've been feeling much better, more energy, but I still crash about 9:00 every night. I have been able to get all the laundry done though, so that's a big step!

Activity: I walked a lot this weekend while shopping, so I'm counting it. I haven't done a deliberate walk/run yet, but I'm planning to this week. 


  1. Yay for the 2nd trimester! Aren't pregnancy aversions strange? I helped a coworker (who is originally from Mexico) make tamales during my first tri when everything seems gross to me, and she sent a ton home for me, and I couldn't bear to eat a single one. I mean, seriously -- authentic Mexican tamales. But I just couldn't do it. Your Branson trip sounds fun.

    1. They really are. Cravings are strange too - I swear I had a craving to shop at Staples today (or maybe that's my excuse to my husband...;)) The Branson trip was a very nice getaway!