Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girl Named Exhausted

 Well we have had quite a busy weekend! Friday I drove down to Rogers, AR to have a few meetings for work, then met Heather Z. (we had a race there Saturday morning) for dinner at P.F. Changs (favorite place ever!) and did some awesome shopping at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade. We stayed at a hotel then got up bright and early for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!
Me and Heather before the Komen race!

 This was the biggest race I've ever done, there were probably 10,000 people there! There were so many sponsors, and they all had tents giving away samples and cool stuff - I came home with 2 bags of swag! The actual 5K was no good - it was SO hilly, one hill was impossible (for me) to run up - I checked my elevation change afterwards and it was 121 feet! My final time was 42:28, which isn't my worst time, but it's also not my best. I had really hoped for under 40. I just know that one of these races I'm going to feel super-good and run it in 35:00! (36:00 is my fastest time, but I think that course was only around 2.9 miles long) I had to start taking Amoxicillin on Thursday, when I finally went to the dentist for my toothache and found out it's infected. The Amoxicillin gives me a few undesirable side effects, including dizziness, so the 5K did not go as planned and I am really proud of myself for just finishing it at all! After it was over, and we visited all the tents, I drove back and picked up the girls at my moms, came home, showered, then went to Heather C. and Andy's house for Avery's 4th birthday party! She had a "fiesta" party, and it was a lot of fun (but there were A LOT of kids there, and I think if there hadn't been margaritas there I might have went crazy!) 

Claire wearing a super-hero mask at Avery's party!

 We came home and ate dinner and the girls crashed. Today we got up and cleaned the house until lunch, ate Mexican Villa (of course), went to Walmart, came home and I ironed all the curtains for the basement (16 total, 4 windows with sheers!) and we got them hung up (our furniture should be here soon, and I can't wait for it to be finished!) and I organized both the girls closets, and did 7 loads of laundry. I just sat down for the first time at 7:30 pm, and I am exhausted! We accomplished a lot though, so it was a good weekend! Now, back to work tomorrow - I have a Director of Marketing from an Ashley store in Mississippi coming this week to shadow me, and learn how I do everything. It is very nice because my boss told her boss that I do such a good job, so he's sending her up here to learn from me! I've only been here 3 months, so I hope I can teach her something and not bore her!

Neutrogena Review

I'm a BzzAgent, and received my first kit yesterday! It is Neutrogena, and it included 3 different shades of Revitalizing Lip Balm, an Eye Brightener, and an eyeliner. I was so excited! You can read my review up top (it's part of the agreement of being a BzzAgent, to share my reviews and thoughts on the products I try). I've always been a fan of make-up, and Neutrogena, so it was perfect for me!  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girl Named Not Ready For Monday

Well this was a very fun and eventful weekend! 

I started Saturday morning off with the Pitter Pat 5K, it was a great course but I only ran it in 40:12. I was a little disappointed because my goal was under 40, and I had to walk 3 times because of these pesky side cramps. My next race isn't until April 28th in Rogers, AR, and I just downloaded a new training program, so I'm really hoping to run a lot faster in that one. After the race I came home and showered, then got my hair done (and it looks fabulous, thank you Shannon!). Then we took the girls to Rutledge Wilson farm for their Easter celebration and had pictures with the Easter bunny, saw the animals, went on a hayride, it was a lot of fun! 

Then last night Heather and I went to eat at Ophelias (we've made a commitment to go once a month to eat someplace we've never eaten, an "adventure"!) then went to Big Whiskeys and sat on the patio and talked. It was so much fun! 
   Today I was woken up with a phone call that my grandma was in the emergency room, with heart problems (she's had issues before and is on medication). I anxiously awaited news from my mom, to see if they were going to admit her and if I needed to go to Monett or not. They ended up increasing her medication and sending her home, so hopefully that will help her and she won't give us any more scares. So then we went to Walmart and to Mexican Villa (of course). Then came home, Claire took a 3 hour nap so I got in some good cleaning time (while Pete was playing golf). We grilled for dinner, and after that is where our night got interesting...right after dinner we went in to start baths. Claire was in her diaper and she sat down on her potty. So I took her diaper off and put her back on it. About that time, Kylie came in crying and holding her mouth. We were asking her what was wrong (thinking she bit her tongue or something) and she proceeded to throw up ALL over the bathroom. So she's crying, Claire is crying, Pete gets Kylie in the bathtub as I try to clean everything up. Claire gets up off the potty and slips in the puke (disgusting) and falls, so she cries even more (I might add that I also threw up while trying to clean everything up, I can't stand puke!) I get everything cleaned up and get Claire in the tub, and notice that she peed in the potty for the first time! Well, 10 minutes later is too late to praise her and get excited, so we missed out on that first. We asked her if she peed in the potty and she said "ya", so we acted excited and gave her a piece of candy, etc. but I don't think it had the same effect as if it were immediately afterward. Now I'm afraid she'll think every time she uses the potty, Kylie will throw up! Oh well, at least maybe she's ready to start potty training!
   I can't believe it's already Sunday night, our weekend went by so fast, as always. So back to work tomorrow (at least for a half-day, we are keeping Kylie at home so I'm going in a half-day then working a half-day at home). Next weekend is our 5 year anniversary, so I'm sure it will be fun too!