Thursday, November 24, 2011

Girl Named Off Her Game

Happy Thanksgiving! This morning I got up early to run my first Turkey Trot 5K. I had heard there were 7,500 people registered so I wanted to get there early, as I was concerned about parking. The race started at 8:00, so I left the house about 6:45. I found pretty close parking when I got there a little after 7:00, and with no friends (that I knew of) running, I had no idea what I was going to do for 45 minutes. I sat in my car for a little bit, then decided to go down to the Expo center and hang out and look for people. I don't run in a jacket even when it's cold because I get so hot and constricted so when I have a race I put my keys in my console and leave my car unlocked because I have no place to put my key (please don't steal my car at the next race!). I got my headphones on, got everything ready, put my keys in my console and locked my car. That's right, as soon as I shut the door I realized what I had done. No biggie, I called Pete at 7:15 and left him a message and told him he would need to come up there with the girls at 9:00 so I can get in my car. It completely threw me off, and I got even more thrown off when I realized my Gatorade Prime was locked in my car (I honestly can tell a difference when I drink it before I run, I'm not crazy). At this point, I was willing to pay someone that I saw with one, until I realized my money was also locked in my car. At this point, I began wanting everything that was in my car, including my jacket (because you don't want things until you know you can't have them) and considered breaking a window. I had no choice, so I just went to the Expo. I found a couple people I know and talked for a while, and headed to the start line. As soon as I got there, I realized I had to pee but didn't have time. That threw me even more off. They sounded the gun, and it took me at least 5 minutes to cross the start line in the crowd. The first mile went well, and I tried to pace myself (I pretended Heather was there with me) by the 2nd mile I was tired, and could really tell I didn't have my confounded Prime. By the 3rd mile my new running shoes were creating a blister on the bottom of my foot.  I made it to the last 1/4 and it was a slight hill, it just about killed me. I managed to sprint the last .1 but still came in at 40:09. I was disappointed in my time (4 minutes slower than my last 5K, 3 weeks ago) but with the crazy morning I had, it was acceptable. It was the first time I haven't PR'd in a 5K, and the first one I didn't get a picture at because I had no friends there (maybe I can just pretend it didn't happen :)) I was just glad to be done. Pete and the girls got there about 9:15 and got me into my car and we went to Village Inn and had breakfast, and that made me feel better. 
     We went to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving dinner, and had a great time. Claire was tired and cranky most of the day, but she made it through. We had awesome food, and I more than compensated for the 3.1 miles I ran! It ended up being a great day with family, and I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Because of the crappy race, I made myself register for the Jingle Bell 5K in 2 weeks, just to redeem myself. I know I can do sub 36:00 in that one, and Heather better be there with me this time!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl Named Thankful

I really need to try and write more often! Life passes and I forget to record it as I should. I have been reflecting on life a lot lately, and I am so eternally grateful for everything I have in my life, and my life in general. I am so blessed to have my wonderful husband, and my two smart, beautiful, funny, caring daughters. I have awesome friends that are always there for me. I have a stable job that pays the bills. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more! It's nights like tonight, when it's cold and dark and rainy and I come home to my family and the house is warm, and dinner is cooking, and kids are running around laughing that I really realize how lucky I am. I look at my girls and get teary eyed from appreciation. I didn't jump on the "November post every day what your thankful for on Facebook" bandwagon, but I do feel with Thanksgiving approaching it's important to reflect on what you're thankful for, and teach your children to do the same. It's so easy to let day-to-day stresses get to you, and to focus on the stupid little things that don't matter, instead of focusing on the big picture and what is important in life. We have a choice every day - how we react to things, big or small. I have had several large events in my life lately that were very trying and I really got to know myself. I am happy to say I'm proud of the way I've reacted and treated people, I've tried to be as classy and professional as possible because that's the way I want people to perceive and remember me. I'm hoping reacting in a positive manner will get me farther in life than reacting (the way I wanted to!) badly. I feel that God is responsible for dealing with people and not me. If God is happy with the way I'm acting and conducting myself, that's all that matters. I hope to teach my children to be classy and always take the high road, however hard it may be. I'm thankful that my mom taught me that as well, and how to be thankful.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Personal Records

Me and Heather after the Skaggs 5K
I am just now getting a chance to write, but last Saturday I had a 5K and achieved a personal PR - 36:05! On top of that, I ran the whole time without walking. It was the best race I've ever had, and I was right next to my "bertie" Heather the whole time. It was awesome, I was on a high all weekend afterwards! I have another 5K on Thanksgiving, the Turkey Trot, and then I think I'm done for a couple months. I'm hoping to run the Turkey Trot in 35:00, but that may be stretching my limits right now. 

Too cute to be mad at...
Claire has really been setting PR's of her own, with the milestones she's been reaching. She is so smart, and has really figured out how to do a lot of things I would rather she not do! But that's what kids are for, right? She is in to absolutely everything, climbing on everything. This picture was taken an hour after bedtime, when she decided that if she's cute enough, maybe I will let her stay up for a little while. It worked. Her hair is straight off There's Something About Mary. Kylie is just as cute, but she's bigger. She definitely is manipulating with her words though, and telling me that "Daddy told me I could" when he's not even home. Kids are absolutely the best thing in life, I don't know what I ever did without them!