Monday, October 28, 2013

Girl Named 21 Weeks

We had our ultrasound last week, and it confirmed that the baby is indeed another girl! So girl #3 will be here in March! I can't believe we're having another girl, my husband is drastically outnumbered!

We had a busy weekend - Saturday Pete had a race at 8am, Kylie had a race (her first race all by herself!) at 10:30am, then she had a soccer game at 11am, then we had to eat lunch and run by my store for an event we were having, then another soccer game at 1:30pm, then we took the girls to see The Little Mermaid play at 2:30pm, then friends came over at 5:30 with their 3 kids for dinner. Whew! We all slept very good Saturday night! I'm pretty sure I'm still tired...

The Belly: Getting bigger. I already have a few "maternity" shirts that are too short to wear. I've been shopping Old Navy clearance and Plato's Closet for cheap shirts. I apologize in advance to co-workers, I may wear the same shirts every week, because I only have like 6. 

Food: Pretty much everything is good. 

Baby: She's the size of a pomegranate! In the ultrasound, she was 14oz, so almost a pound!

Feeling: Still completely exhausted. Everyone that says you have so much energy in the 2nd trimester apparently doesn't have 2 other kids to chase and a full-time job! I cannot. Get. Enough. Sleep.

Activity:  Thursday night I went to my first prenatal yoga class, and it kicked my booty! It was actual yoga, with upside down poses and arms and legs akimbo. I was sore the next day, but it felt so good to do something! And, I am so excited that Friday I walked 2 miles on my treadmill! Then Saturday I probably walked another 2 miles at the farm and soccer games. I feel so much better doing something active, rather than sitting around with a broken foot! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Girl Named 20 Weeks

Half way!! I can't believe it, it seems like I've already been pregnant a year! ;) We had a pretty quiet weekend, I took the girls to my bestie's house to eat dinner and paint pumpkins Friday, and Saturday we had a soccer game, then went to see MSU Homecoming (they actually won!) and sat in the skybox with my bosses and their kids. Sunday we just watched football and relaxed (and ate Mexican Villa, of course). 

We have our 20 week ultrasound Thursday, so we will get confirmation of the gender, as well as make sure everything is okay health-wise. I'm nervous and excited! 

The Belly: I had the first person actually ask if I was pregnant at the MSU tailgate, so that's good! 

Food: I told my husband last night that the "bottomless pit" is growing a bottom, thank goodness. I haven't been eating nearly as much this week, so that's good! It takes a lot of energy to eat that much! ;)

Baby: The size of a banana!

Feeling: This is the first week I've actually felt pregnant. I am exhausted, I feel like I could sleep all day. My belly is just starting to get heavy, I just started sleeping with the belly pillow this week. Oh, and I had my first cankles last night, so I hope that doesn't mean I'm in for 20 weeks of giant feet again! I think I need to stop eating so much salt...

Activity: I finally got rid of the boot! We walked a lot at the football game, but I didn't do a whole lot more. My foot gets pretty sore still, especially when I walk a lot. I am starting prenatal yoga this Thursday though, so I'm really excited about that! I'm hoping to go on a little walk this weekend, or get a walk or two in on the treadmill. I should be able to run/jog in a couple weeks! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girl Named 19 Weeks

We had a great weekend - we took Friday off and went to northwest Arkansas for the wedding of two of our good friends, and it was beautiful! We hung out with great friends Friday night, Saturday we went to the Razorbacks homecoming game (the played South Carolina and they lost horribly!) and Saturday night we had a date night to P.F. Changs, did some shopping at the Promenade, and went and saw Gravity (the first movie we've seen together in probably 4 years. We stayed in the Embassy Suites and it was completely paid for (not by us) so that was nice. It was really nice to get away for 3 days just the two of us and actually spend some time together and talk without interruptions! We would have had a lot more fun if I wasn't pregnant (I took a nap both days and was in bed by 11pm, plus I couldn't drink) but it was still nice. I didn't want to come back on Sunday!

The Belly: It's getting bigger...but not big enough for the cashier at Walgreens to think better of making a comment about how many snacks I was purchasing. I almost punched him in the face. 

Food: I'm a starving bottomless pit (hence above comment about a mass quantity of snacks). Pete made fun of me all weekend because we ate so much food, but I was always ready to eat more! I'm going to weigh 300 pounds before I have this baby!

Baby: The size of an heirloom tomato (pretty specific)!

Feeling: Aside from feeling like I could sleep for 24 hours straight, I'm feeling pretty good! Not really any symptoms right now. I have been sleeping comfortably - we have a Tempur-Pedic this time, and it's making a HUGE difference in my sleeping comfort!

Activity: I'm still in the boot, but at the game we did end up having to walk about 2 miles total, most of it uphill, because we didn't really know our way around the stadium, and they wouldn't let us cut through. I thought I was going to die when we got to our car, but I at least got some exercise! Only one more week in the boot! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Girl Named 18 Weeks

We had a very quiet and relaxing weekend! Saturday it stormed all day, so Kylie's soccer game was cancelled and so was Pete's softball tournament. We stayed inside all day and did nothing, and it was fabulous! Kylie decided it was Otter's (her favorite stuffed animal) birthday, so we took him to Mexican Villa for dinner, then had cupcakes on Sunday for him. It was a really good weekend, but it went too fast, as always. 

I didn't have to get a cast (thank goodness), and I declared myself done with the crutches on Friday (I was supposed to use them until tomorrow) because I was SO tired of them. Now it's just the boot, and my foot hurts by the evening every day from walking so much, but I'm sure that will get better. I'm just happy to have my hands back!

The Belly: Getting bigger, and more noticeably pregnant. Pete was amazed when he saw me with my shirt off, even though he's seen this happen twice before!

Food: I'm getting better and being able to pick things to eat, and I was constantly starving last week, which is awesome. Hopefully I didn't make TOO many bad choices...

Baby: Baby is the size of a bell pepper! I'm excited (and nervous) to have the "big" ultrasound here in a couple weeks!

Feeling: I had more energy this week, this is the first weekend since I've been pregnant that I didn't take a nap either day, by choice! I did sleep until 9am both days though... I haven't been sick, and I haven't had any aches and pains yet, so I'm enjoying it right now!

Activity: Boot = no activity. I'm thinking of going to the gym and swimming or doing the bike though this week, just to do something. 

Girl Named 17 Weeks

I'm a few days late on this update, we've been busy! My husband was out of town all week at a conference, and as I mentioned last time, I re-broke my foot (the first time it was fractured but still together, this time it is broken through, but non-displaced). Went to the dr last Tuesday and he put me in a (very high fashion) bigger boot up to my knee (he wanted to put me in a cast, but I cried and talked him out of it), and crutches. I have to go back in a week and see how it's healing to determine if I need a cast or not. Taking care of the girls by myself all week, on crutches, has been a huge challenge! By the time Pete got home, I was exhausted! Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not a complainer. If something hurts, I suck it up and deal with it, and if I complain you know it's really bad! I have tried my best to not complain to Pete, because he's doing such an awesome job at taking care of me, but it really hurts (like all night long) and after almost 4 weeks of being in a boot already, with 5 to go, I'm tired of it! I just want to be able to walk and do things at a normal speed. There, my complaining rant is over. :)

We had a quiet weekend, Kylie had her first soccer game, and I met some friends for dinner Saturday night. Sunday I sat around all day while Pete did everything (which sounds awesome, but at this point I kind of just want to go back to being able to do everything! I feel really guilty asking him for so much help, when I feel like I should be doing it. It's hard to ask for help from people!). As for the pregnancy...

The Belly: It's actually starting to look pregnant! Claire's teacher mentioned yesterday that I'm finally starting to look pregnant. Maybe being pregnant AND on crutches will get me extra sympathy? ;)

Food: I really don't have any aversions or cravings right now. Absolutely no food sounds good, and I can't pick something to eat for the life of me. But I'm hungry, and when I eat it's always good. 

Baby: The size of an onion! Heartbeat was 156 at my appointment Friday. I haven't felt much movement yet, but she was definitely moving on the ultrasound!

Feeling: I'm feeling great, some days I even forget I'm pregnant! (I'm going to enjoy that while it lasts!) I'm tired, but that's to be expected, especially hobbling around on crutches everywhere.

Activity: Ha! I don't think I even need to answer this. :)