Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girl Named 19 Weeks

We had a great weekend - we took Friday off and went to northwest Arkansas for the wedding of two of our good friends, and it was beautiful! We hung out with great friends Friday night, Saturday we went to the Razorbacks homecoming game (the played South Carolina and they lost horribly!) and Saturday night we had a date night to P.F. Changs, did some shopping at the Promenade, and went and saw Gravity (the first movie we've seen together in probably 4 years. We stayed in the Embassy Suites and it was completely paid for (not by us) so that was nice. It was really nice to get away for 3 days just the two of us and actually spend some time together and talk without interruptions! We would have had a lot more fun if I wasn't pregnant (I took a nap both days and was in bed by 11pm, plus I couldn't drink) but it was still nice. I didn't want to come back on Sunday!

The Belly: It's getting bigger...but not big enough for the cashier at Walgreens to think better of making a comment about how many snacks I was purchasing. I almost punched him in the face. 

Food: I'm a starving bottomless pit (hence above comment about a mass quantity of snacks). Pete made fun of me all weekend because we ate so much food, but I was always ready to eat more! I'm going to weigh 300 pounds before I have this baby!

Baby: The size of an heirloom tomato (pretty specific)!

Feeling: Aside from feeling like I could sleep for 24 hours straight, I'm feeling pretty good! Not really any symptoms right now. I have been sleeping comfortably - we have a Tempur-Pedic this time, and it's making a HUGE difference in my sleeping comfort!

Activity: I'm still in the boot, but at the game we did end up having to walk about 2 miles total, most of it uphill, because we didn't really know our way around the stadium, and they wouldn't let us cut through. I thought I was going to die when we got to our car, but I at least got some exercise! Only one more week in the boot! 

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