Sunday, March 16, 2014

Girl Named Mommy...AGAIN!

She's here! Chloe Grace Edwards was born at 8:19pm on Wednesday, March 12th! She weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. I had a fairly easy delivery, I got to the hospital at 11am to be induced, so 9 hours total! We came home Friday morning, from a very frustrating stay at Cox Hospital (we've had all 3 babies there, and never had such bad "service" and disorganized and unknowledgeable nurses. We were not impressed with Cox this time.The bright spot was that I got to eat popsicles and jello and drink anything clear during labor!) 

Our first night home Chloe was up pretty much from 1:30am to 6:30am, she didn't sleep much. The second night (last night) she ate at 1:45am (Pete fed her) and at 5:30am (I went to bed at 9pm, so by 5:30 I'd had 8 1/2 hours sleep! Unheard of!) She's working on getting her days and nights straight, and she's still in that newborn sleep all day phase, but I'm trying to keep her up more in the daytime. I've been nursing and so far have been more successful than with the other two, but have also had to supplement a bit with formula, which we did with the girls as well. 

She is so beautiful (I'm of course not biased!) and I am so in love with her. She is (so far) such a good baby, she is calm and doesn't cry very much, very sweet and good natured. The girls are pretty excited that she's here. Although Kylie is very disappointed that Chloe sleeps so much and she can't play with her. We keep telling her to wait a few months and she'll be playing all the time! Claire has been a big helper, holding bottles, putting socks on, and getting towels and diapers. 

We are just so happy and blessed, our little family feels complete and I can't wait to watch the girls grow up together! The third baby is so different than the first - with Kylie I was in shock about having a baby, and simultaneously mourning the loss of my independent do-what-I-want lifestyle, and struggling with postpartum depression. With Chloe it's all about completing our family, being blessed with another healthy girl, and not about a huge lifestyle change. 

I am just so happy she's finally here (and I'm not pregnant anymore!) and we get to spend time with her. Or maybe that's just the 8 hours sleep I got last night talking... ;) 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Girl Named 40 Weeks

I made it! 40 weeks! And no baby... I went to the dr yesterday and she scheduled me to be induced Tuesday night at 9pm. She then told me that is the last induction appointment for the week, and it's likely they will cancel and reschedule it. I was a little upset about it. Not because I have to wait until Tuesday, but because I didn't want to go in at night. I've experienced both ways - with Kylie I went in at 7pm (if your cervix is closed you have to go in at night to get Cervadil before they can induce) and I was awake all night, so by the time it was time to push at 2pm the next day, I was completely exhausted, and still didn't have her until 4:30. With Claire, I went in at 7am, and had her at 7pm, and was tired but it was SO much better after having a full nights sleep. So I was upset that I need Cervadil, and that I have to go in so late at night, and that it may be cancelled (I know, at this point I'm a big cranky whiner). I'm praying that she will just come on her own before then! I just had it in my head that because I was induced at 39 weeks with Claire, that I wouldn't go this long this time. 

I've had a cold for about a week, so with that added, I'm even more cranky and miserable. But, last night I slept better than I have in weeks (maybe months!) I slept 4 hours on one side (usually I have to flip every hour because my hips hurt) then got up to use the bathroom, then slept 4 hours on the other side! It was amazing, I feel like a new woman today! So now I'm just waiting to see if she'll come on her own, and if not, I'll go in (hopefully) Tuesday night! I can't believe she's almost here, it seemed like this day would never come. I've had everything ready at home for a few weeks now, so there's nothing left to do but wait. 

I will keep you updated and post pictures when she comes! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a smooth delivery and healthy baby! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Girl Named 39 Weeks

All right, I'm getting to it this week much earlier! I went to the doctor Friday, and there was no change, so now I'm waiting. I go back this Friday and she will schedule my induction for either Sunday night or Monday morning. So one more week and she'll be here! I'm telling myself that it's another week to rest and relax and get ready before she gets here. Plus, as if being 39 weeks pregnant isn't enough, mother nature decided it would be perfect to give me a cold too. So I'm hoping I can rest enough this week to get over this cold before I deliver her! 

Saturday the girls went to their first sleepover, so Pete and I went out for our last "date" before Chloe gets here. It was a nice surprise to get an unexpected night to ourselves! Thank you to our good friend for keeping our crazy kids that stayed up until midnight! :) Sunday it snowed/iced a lot, so the girls are both out of school today so I worked from home. 

Both of my friends that were due within days of me have had their babies, so it's just me now! My good friend went in yesterday to be induced, and had her little guy last night. I'm so excited for her, he's SO cute! But that makes me even more ready to meet Chloe!

I think for this last post I'm not going to go through the bullet points I typically do. It's the same story - belly is big, baby is baby-sized, I am miserable, I don't do any activity. 

I am hoping to have time to post once she is born! I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. I can't believe it's almost time!!