Monday, March 3, 2014

Girl Named 39 Weeks

All right, I'm getting to it this week much earlier! I went to the doctor Friday, and there was no change, so now I'm waiting. I go back this Friday and she will schedule my induction for either Sunday night or Monday morning. So one more week and she'll be here! I'm telling myself that it's another week to rest and relax and get ready before she gets here. Plus, as if being 39 weeks pregnant isn't enough, mother nature decided it would be perfect to give me a cold too. So I'm hoping I can rest enough this week to get over this cold before I deliver her! 

Saturday the girls went to their first sleepover, so Pete and I went out for our last "date" before Chloe gets here. It was a nice surprise to get an unexpected night to ourselves! Thank you to our good friend for keeping our crazy kids that stayed up until midnight! :) Sunday it snowed/iced a lot, so the girls are both out of school today so I worked from home. 

Both of my friends that were due within days of me have had their babies, so it's just me now! My good friend went in yesterday to be induced, and had her little guy last night. I'm so excited for her, he's SO cute! But that makes me even more ready to meet Chloe!

I think for this last post I'm not going to go through the bullet points I typically do. It's the same story - belly is big, baby is baby-sized, I am miserable, I don't do any activity. 

I am hoping to have time to post once she is born! I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. I can't believe it's almost time!!

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