Thursday, February 27, 2014

Girl Named 38 Weeks

Once again, I'm a little behind - it's Thursday and I'll be 39 weeks on Saturday. Oops! Nothing has happened yet, I go to the doctor tomorrow and she'll check me again. If my cervix has softened, she will schedule me to be induced within a couple days. If it hasn't softened, I will have to wait another week and the next Friday she'll schedule me to be induced (at 40 weeks). So either way, the end is in sight! But now that it's so close I'm kind of freaking out about having another baby, and having 3 kids! I know it's too late now, but I think every mom probably has a panic moment right before she has a baby. Our lives will be changing drastically (for the better) and it will be a big adjustment for all 4 of us. 

I've been "part time" still at work, although I worked 35 hours last week (some from home though). There is so much to get done, and I'm so worried about when I'm gone! It's been nice though to have the flexibility to go home when I'm tired and work there. We spent all day Sunday getting the last minute stuff ready for Chloe - car seat, wall decal in her room, clothes washed, pump ready, bottles ready, etc. It was a lot of work! I feel better knowing everything is ready for her though.

Decal up with her name!

The Belly: Not much to say now, it's huge. Here is a picture - I was trying my best to muster a smile, but this was a particularly cranky day. ;) 

38 Weeks
Food: I have more room now, but still not a ton. No cravings.

Baby: baby-sized

Feeling: Tired, can't sleep, uncomfortable, heartburn, want wine...

Activity: Fixing my hair. I apologize to everyone, it's just too much work right now. ;)

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