Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good weekend!

We had an awesome weekend! Saturday the girls went to gma and gpa's for the day, and Pete and I went on a float (just us!) When we got there, it started storming, but we decided to go anyway since we were there. We waited the rain out for about 15 minutes, then got on the river. We had an awesome time, then came home and the girls were home! After they went to bed I met Heather at Houlihan's for dinner and drinks and had a lot of fun. Today, I got to sleep until 11:00! Then we ate at Mexican Villa (our Sunday usual) and went to the Republic Aquatic Center (our other Sunday usual) then to Walmart (again, Sunday). We came home and had baths and put the girls to bed, and Pete and I had Pizza Hut for dinner. It was so nice to have a nice relaxing weekend with the family. Besides Kylie having a minor meltdown at the pool, everyone was pretty good! Oh, and she pulled my swimsuit top down, so everyone got a good show. As far as Weight Watchers goes, I apparently make bad decisions on the weekends because I am already out of points for the week again! That makes for a bummer week, but what are you going to do!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, I'm already -16 in Weight Watchers points for this week, and I still have two days left. So I thought I would take a group fitness class to try and make up some of the deficit. I though it wouldn't be too hard - I run several times a week, I've done 9 weeks of P90X... Well, it was much harder than I thought it would be! I'm pretty sure the instructor had a contract on my life becuase she almost killed me. I made it through though, but I'm going to be sore tomorrow! I think I only got like 4 points for it too, so running in the morning will get me 6 more, now only -6! Oh well, next week is a new week.
Claire is getting so big, at the sitters house she (allegedly) said "Becca", "Ava", and "all done". I've heard her say "all done", but not the others. She understands when I ask her to do something, and she will do it. I mentioned peek-a-boo and she immediately started hiding her eyes. When I wake her up in the morning she always gives me a big hug and a kiss, it's so sweet (it makes my day every day!) She found a picture of me when I was a kid in a picture frame, and she kept going over to it and kissing it over and over, it was so cute! I think she might have thought it was her though, because tonight I caught her kissing her reflection in the bathtub faucet... Last night, Ethan (one of the sitters kids) wanted to send "Teddy" home with Claire for a sleepover because she liked him so much. So we had a photo shoot with Claire and Teddy, and he did everything she did - he played, he ate dinner, he put pj's on, he played in Kylie's bed, then he slept in Claire's bed with her. We sent the pictures to Ethan so he'd know what Teddy did on his adventure to Claire's house, and Ethan thought that was the coolest thing! We had a lot of fun doing it too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Princess Party

Tonight we went to Chick Fil A for a princess party. Kylie had so much fun - she dressed up in her princess dress and tiara, and we ate dinner. There was a little baby at the table next to us, and Kylie was entertaining her by jumping up and yelling, and the baby was cracking up. Then Kylie stood up in the middle of the restaurant and started dancing and singing "Shake your body, shake your body!" and everyone was cracking up laughing, she is such a show stealer. Then she saw the giant cows (one princess and one prince) she called the prince a "crazy king cow!" So when we told her if she ate a good dinner, we would go see the cows. Well she was too excited to eat, and when we finally decided to look for the cows, they were on break (yes, even cows get breaks at work apparently). So we waited in line to get fingernails painted (she picked yellow again, just like at the Paul Mitchell princess party, I find it an interesting choice but dad said she was sure that she wanted yellow) and to get her face painted (she picked a bumblebee, but we tried to steer her towards the butterfly or cupcake). She kept saying "I sure hope we find those crazy cows. I really want to see them" So we went inside and the cows were back! She got her picture taken with the princess, and hugged her, and was so excited! Then it was time to go home, mom was tired of holding Claire outside in 95 degree weather. I can't wait until both girls are old enough to really enjoy stuff like that, and get excited about it!

Monday, July 25, 2011


When I went in to get Claire up this morning, she put her little arms around my neck and gave me a huge hug, and kissed me on the neck. It was so sweet, and it was the best start to my morning I can imagine! I spent the day at Fremont Hills at our Scramble for Miracles golf tournament. We got lucky and it was overcast most of the day, so it wasn't TOO hot, just sticky. I drove around and took team pictures of everyone (actually Kelly drove, and he only almost dumped me out of the cart 4 times). It was a fun tournament, but I didn't get home in time to see the girls tonight. Can't ait to see them in the morning and get my hug from Claire!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I had an awesome weekend with the family! We didn't do much, which is nice. Last night I went out with my girls Mindy and Heather Cobb and had a great time! It's so nice to have girls night every once in a while. Today we went to the Republic Aquatic Center and Andy, Heather and Avery met us there. Tonight we ordered pizza for dinner and are chilling out! I know I've had a good weekend when I only have 9 Weight Watchers points left for the whole week - yikes! Looks like no more treats for me this week! I took a couple days off from running because my leg was bothering me, so back at it in the morning and hopefully it will feel better! Now, to eat pizza and get ready to watch the new Entourage and True Blood!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hippie massage

So, I decided to treat myself to a massage. I got a good deal on one, so I went someplace I'd never been. As soon as I walk up, to this old house in downtown Springfield, I was wary. I opened to door to find a long haired, pierced man greeting me "Welcome, you must be Rhiannon!" (I felt like he was going to say "Welcome to my lair! No one knows you're here!" and laugh maniacally). I immediately regretted my decision, but there was no going back at this point. He took me upstairs, to what he called "The Pleasure Room". At this point, I almost texted Pete to tell him where I was just in case. I went through the routine and laid on the table. He began, and it wasn't too bad, except for the fact that as he was greasing me up with his homemade oils, I couldn't stop staring at his dirty old tennis shoes. On his stereo, he was playing the usual relaxing music, peppered with an odd children's lullaby every now and then, which was interesting. He pushed so hard on my back I was clenching my teeth and wondering how much longer I had. After the LONG hour was over, he said "This is the end of your massage" (and I expected him to ask if I wanted a "happy ending") then he said "take your time getting up, I'll be downstairs". As soon as he was out of sight, I jumped off the table like it was on fire and put my clothes on as fast as possible and got out of there. I've never had a massage from a man before, and this experience has completely ruled it out for any reputable man at a reputable spa in the future. I was so glad to be done. I'm sure he was a nice man, but I will not be visiting him again! I immediately followed that up with a pedicure at a much more mainstream chinese nail salon, where no one speaks English and they don't play creepy children's lullabies while greasing me up.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Economic Impact Awards

I didn't get to see the girls tonight, I was fortunate enough to get to attend the Springfield Business Journal's Economic Impact Awards. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals was nominated for an award in philanthropic business. We didn't win, but I got to accept our nomination plaque. It was a very nice ceremony, with a nice dinner. Someone made me eat cheesecake though, which was unfortunate after that brownie fell into my hand at lunch... I did however, realize that when it's 100 degrees out, it's too hot to wear Spanx. I couldn't wait to get home! The girls were in bed, with only one minor scare tonight with questionable ham that dad fed them for dinner. All seems to be well, no vomiting yet!
Here is a link the the SBJ page to see the full story and all the nominees and winners

Girl named mommy

So, I'm new to this blogging thing. I wanted to start one to document the funny things that my girls do. Kylie is 3 and Claire is 1, and I try to remember everything but any parent knows that's impossible. I also want to share my "normal parent" moments with other parents, in hopes that we all won't feel so bad about things we do, that happen to everyone! I titled my blog "girl named mommy" because last night Kylie said "You are my favorite girl named mommy!" and I thought it was perfect. So follow me for cute things my kids say that you don't really care about, and for a lot of not-so-perfect mommy moments! Enjoy!