Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, I'm already -16 in Weight Watchers points for this week, and I still have two days left. So I thought I would take a group fitness class to try and make up some of the deficit. I though it wouldn't be too hard - I run several times a week, I've done 9 weeks of P90X... Well, it was much harder than I thought it would be! I'm pretty sure the instructor had a contract on my life becuase she almost killed me. I made it through though, but I'm going to be sore tomorrow! I think I only got like 4 points for it too, so running in the morning will get me 6 more, now only -6! Oh well, next week is a new week.
Claire is getting so big, at the sitters house she (allegedly) said "Becca", "Ava", and "all done". I've heard her say "all done", but not the others. She understands when I ask her to do something, and she will do it. I mentioned peek-a-boo and she immediately started hiding her eyes. When I wake her up in the morning she always gives me a big hug and a kiss, it's so sweet (it makes my day every day!) She found a picture of me when I was a kid in a picture frame, and she kept going over to it and kissing it over and over, it was so cute! I think she might have thought it was her though, because tonight I caught her kissing her reflection in the bathtub faucet... Last night, Ethan (one of the sitters kids) wanted to send "Teddy" home with Claire for a sleepover because she liked him so much. So we had a photo shoot with Claire and Teddy, and he did everything she did - he played, he ate dinner, he put pj's on, he played in Kylie's bed, then he slept in Claire's bed with her. We sent the pictures to Ethan so he'd know what Teddy did on his adventure to Claire's house, and Ethan thought that was the coolest thing! We had a lot of fun doing it too.

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