Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Princess Party

Tonight we went to Chick Fil A for a princess party. Kylie had so much fun - she dressed up in her princess dress and tiara, and we ate dinner. There was a little baby at the table next to us, and Kylie was entertaining her by jumping up and yelling, and the baby was cracking up. Then Kylie stood up in the middle of the restaurant and started dancing and singing "Shake your body, shake your body!" and everyone was cracking up laughing, she is such a show stealer. Then she saw the giant cows (one princess and one prince) she called the prince a "crazy king cow!" So when we told her if she ate a good dinner, we would go see the cows. Well she was too excited to eat, and when we finally decided to look for the cows, they were on break (yes, even cows get breaks at work apparently). So we waited in line to get fingernails painted (she picked yellow again, just like at the Paul Mitchell princess party, I find it an interesting choice but dad said she was sure that she wanted yellow) and to get her face painted (she picked a bumblebee, but we tried to steer her towards the butterfly or cupcake). She kept saying "I sure hope we find those crazy cows. I really want to see them" So we went inside and the cows were back! She got her picture taken with the princess, and hugged her, and was so excited! Then it was time to go home, mom was tired of holding Claire outside in 95 degree weather. I can't wait until both girls are old enough to really enjoy stuff like that, and get excited about it!

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