Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Girl Named 20 Weeks

Half way!! I can't believe it, it seems like I've already been pregnant a year! ;) We had a pretty quiet weekend, I took the girls to my bestie's house to eat dinner and paint pumpkins Friday, and Saturday we had a soccer game, then went to see MSU Homecoming (they actually won!) and sat in the skybox with my bosses and their kids. Sunday we just watched football and relaxed (and ate Mexican Villa, of course). 

We have our 20 week ultrasound Thursday, so we will get confirmation of the gender, as well as make sure everything is okay health-wise. I'm nervous and excited! 

The Belly: I had the first person actually ask if I was pregnant at the MSU tailgate, so that's good! 

Food: I told my husband last night that the "bottomless pit" is growing a bottom, thank goodness. I haven't been eating nearly as much this week, so that's good! It takes a lot of energy to eat that much! ;)

Baby: The size of a banana!

Feeling: This is the first week I've actually felt pregnant. I am exhausted, I feel like I could sleep all day. My belly is just starting to get heavy, I just started sleeping with the belly pillow this week. Oh, and I had my first cankles last night, so I hope that doesn't mean I'm in for 20 weeks of giant feet again! I think I need to stop eating so much salt...

Activity: I finally got rid of the boot! We walked a lot at the football game, but I didn't do a whole lot more. My foot gets pretty sore still, especially when I walk a lot. I am starting prenatal yoga this Thursday though, so I'm really excited about that! I'm hoping to go on a little walk this weekend, or get a walk or two in on the treadmill. I should be able to run/jog in a couple weeks! 

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