Monday, October 7, 2013

Girl Named 18 Weeks

We had a very quiet and relaxing weekend! Saturday it stormed all day, so Kylie's soccer game was cancelled and so was Pete's softball tournament. We stayed inside all day and did nothing, and it was fabulous! Kylie decided it was Otter's (her favorite stuffed animal) birthday, so we took him to Mexican Villa for dinner, then had cupcakes on Sunday for him. It was a really good weekend, but it went too fast, as always. 

I didn't have to get a cast (thank goodness), and I declared myself done with the crutches on Friday (I was supposed to use them until tomorrow) because I was SO tired of them. Now it's just the boot, and my foot hurts by the evening every day from walking so much, but I'm sure that will get better. I'm just happy to have my hands back!

The Belly: Getting bigger, and more noticeably pregnant. Pete was amazed when he saw me with my shirt off, even though he's seen this happen twice before!

Food: I'm getting better and being able to pick things to eat, and I was constantly starving last week, which is awesome. Hopefully I didn't make TOO many bad choices...

Baby: Baby is the size of a bell pepper! I'm excited (and nervous) to have the "big" ultrasound here in a couple weeks!

Feeling: I had more energy this week, this is the first weekend since I've been pregnant that I didn't take a nap either day, by choice! I did sleep until 9am both days though... I haven't been sick, and I haven't had any aches and pains yet, so I'm enjoying it right now!

Activity: Boot = no activity. I'm thinking of going to the gym and swimming or doing the bike though this week, just to do something. 

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