Friday, November 4, 2011

Personal Records

Me and Heather after the Skaggs 5K
I am just now getting a chance to write, but last Saturday I had a 5K and achieved a personal PR - 36:05! On top of that, I ran the whole time without walking. It was the best race I've ever had, and I was right next to my "bertie" Heather the whole time. It was awesome, I was on a high all weekend afterwards! I have another 5K on Thanksgiving, the Turkey Trot, and then I think I'm done for a couple months. I'm hoping to run the Turkey Trot in 35:00, but that may be stretching my limits right now. 

Too cute to be mad at...
Claire has really been setting PR's of her own, with the milestones she's been reaching. She is so smart, and has really figured out how to do a lot of things I would rather she not do! But that's what kids are for, right? She is in to absolutely everything, climbing on everything. This picture was taken an hour after bedtime, when she decided that if she's cute enough, maybe I will let her stay up for a little while. It worked. Her hair is straight off There's Something About Mary. Kylie is just as cute, but she's bigger. She definitely is manipulating with her words though, and telling me that "Daddy told me I could" when he's not even home. Kids are absolutely the best thing in life, I don't know what I ever did without them!

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