Saturday, August 17, 2013

Girl Named 6 weeks pregnant

I'm 6 weeks now, and it seems like it's been forever! (I'm writing this before we've announced to everyone) so it seems like forever before I can tell people! I just want to tell everyone I know. With the other 2 we told everyone around 8-10 weeks, so we will at least wait that long this time. I will be writing about the past week, but posting belly pictures from the day I am "that week", if that makes sense. I'm 6 weeks on Saturday, so I'll write about the previous week, and post a picture from Saturday. 

The Belly:
Well, I'm only 6 weeks but I look 4 months. I know it's bloating, and what I refer to as "My Amazing Remembering Belly". They say that with each pregnancy you "show" earlier and earlier because your body knows what to do, and your muscles just kind of relax into it. So, my belly is definitely relaxing at this point. I'm going to try and find my belly pictures from last time so I can compare them. 

Last week I was a bottomless starving pit. This week I'm hungry, but NOTHING sounds good. It sucks because I want to eat, but can't figure out what I want to eat. Popcorn has been my go-to food so far.

About the size of a pumpkin seed, so not up to much right now. 

I have been SO tired (duh). I feel like I could sleep for days straight. Other than a day of heartburn before I even found out I was pregnant, I really haven't had any other physical symptoms. I am incredibly moody and bitchy (just ask Pete) and I cry a lot for no apparent reason. All normal. 

Monday: Elliptical
Tuesday: Running
Thursday: Running
Saturday: Running

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