Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girl Named 9 weeks

This week has not been much better, although after my awesome husband had to clean the house that weekend, he let me hire a housekeeper! She came for the first time Wednesday, and when I came home from work and my house was spotless, smelled good, and there were fresh cut flowers on the counter, I literally cried. He asked me "Are you crying??" Yes, yes I am. My house is clean and I didn't have to do it. Men don't understand, but it's such a huge burden and stress relief to have it done. Now I can come home and cook dinner (or bring it home...) and relax. Weekends I only have to worry about laundry because I know she'll be coming back again Wednesday! 

I finally called the doctor and had her call me in a prescription for Zofran. I took it all through both my other pregnancies, and while I haven't been as sick yet, I feel it coming. And it makes me feel better knowing I have it on-hand for when I need it. It helps with the nausea too, which is nice. 

The Belly: Still just fat.

Food: I've been able to eat a few more things this week, but I still have a pretty limited range. I still love PB filled pretzels and lemonheads.

Baby: The size of a grape!

Feeling: Still exhausted and nauseous. My daughter was sick this weekend, and I caught her cold, so throw that in the mix and I'm kind of miserable. Especially since I can't take anything. 

Activity: Okay, I'm starting to feel really lazy. I went from being really active to nothing, but I don't have the energy right now to do anything. Hopefully that will change soon. 

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