Monday, August 1, 2011


I got up this morning and ran, and did a group fitness class after work. I am going to be sore tomorrow - but once again, over my Weight Watchers points for the week so I have to do a lot of exercise to catch up!
Kylie was tired today, but that didn't translate into bedtime tonight - she has gotten up 5 times in the two hours she's been put to bed. One of the times she got up, I was looking through our honeymoon photo album, so I decided to show her the pictures. She looked at one of Pete and I and said "Mommy! Do you remember when you guys looked so much different than my parents?" Man, that really cuts deep! I know we were younger, but I didn't think we were so much younger that my 3 year old would notice! Almost as bad as when she calls me "Huge bottom".

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