Monday, August 8, 2011

The Lake

The girls went to my parents house on Saturday, and Pete and I had a nice "date" at Olive Garden, then we're such party animals, we went home and went to bed! Sunday we got up and went up to Lake of the Ozarks for a friends wedding. Before the wedding, we rented a boat with some friends and spent 4 hours on the lake. Besides getting sunburned, I had SO much fun! I always tell Pete I just want to buy a boat and live on it, I love the lake so much. He doesn't agree. We went to the wedding (which got postponed for an hour because of rain). It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, it was at Shady Gators, it was very tropical with cabanas, an infinity pool with swim-up bar, tikis, tropical flowers, it was so pretty! If I had a wedding, that is where I would want to have it. Maybe we'll have our 5 year anniversary/late reception there! We drove home last night about midnight because Pete had a meeting. Today I had to set up for the Price Cutter Charity Championship Auction, and I have to do the same tomorrow. Had a nice run outside tonight before the storm came. I was happy to see the girls tonight, I missed them this weekend! Today was Aubrey's first day at Becca's (Ryan and Kara's baby) and I guess Claire just LOVED her. She would go sit next to her on the floor and say "Hi!" "Hi!", and take her toys to play with. Becca said it was so cute. I fixed Kylie and Claire macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for dinner, and of course Claire ate hers in 5 seconds, and Kylie took tiny bites of hers, then ended up throwing it up all over the table in a grand act of defiance. It was all very dramatic, so they ended up getting bath's (on a non-bath night!) to get her cleaned up. Kylie is at a very, how shall I say it, "independent" age.

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