Thursday, August 11, 2011

Too much ice cream...

Today was Diary Queen Miracle Treat Day, and I visited a total of 4 DQ's and ate a portion of a Blizzard at each one. I thought I was going to explode at one point. BUT, a portion of each Blizzard sold today will benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, so it was all worth it! I got to see some of my favorite kids like Dustin, Mckenna and Megan, and my own girls even went with me to one DQ and ate a Blizzard! Claire of course ate more than Kylie did. Tomorrow it's working at PCCC all day for me, then the much anticipated WEEKEND! This week has been SO crazy busy, I have had my eye on the weekend all week.
After all the ice cream Kylie ate, she was hyper and tired at the same time (I'm sure if you have kids you are familiar with this state of mind) so everything for her was really exciting and really frustrating at the same time. At one point, she wanted me to help her potty (which she's been taking herself for at least 3 months now) and threw a fit because I wouldn't help her. Well she proceeded to pee all over the bathroom floor, her pants and the toilet. That's the second time she's done that, and I get the feeling she does it on purpose, but I can't prove it. Believe it or not, it was all down hill from there (and that wasn't a very high point!) She cried about everything, didn't want dinner, etc. So we took a bath and went to bed early! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
One funny point of the night, Kylie was playing with blocks and Claire wanted to play as well. Kylie kind of pushed Claire away, and Claire came around behind Kylie and started hitting her on both sides of her head and screaming like a banshee. Claire is apparently past the point of putting up with Kylie's big sister bullying! We told Kylie she's on her own now, and if she can dish it out she needs to learn to take it in! It did make us laugh though :)

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