Monday, September 23, 2013

Girl Named 16 Weeks

We found out we're having a ...GIRL! Oh my gosh, 3 girls! Our house is going to be so full of drama. As a friend pointed out, at one point we'll have girls that are 18, 16 and 13. I will be heavily drinking at that point. We are very excited though, as long as she's healthy! We will go for the 20 week ultrasound in a few weeks (this one was an elective early gender ultrasound) but we did get to see her moving a lot, she waved at us, so that was cool! Here she is waving!

We had a good weekend; Friday we got to eat dinner at Nakato with a good friend that just had a baby, Saturday Pete and I went to KC for The Chive night at Kauffman and saw a Royals game, and it was nice to spend time together alone. Sunday he left for a conference in Virginia, so we are excited for him to get home! 

The Belly: It seems like it's about the same size as last week. Still bigger than normal, but not big enough for me to look pregnant - just fat. 

Food: I've been eating pretty normal, still love nachos and queso! Still not a fan of sweet things.

Baby: The size of an avocado! 

Feeling: This is a rough one. We all came down with colds Saturday, so I have been feeling really bad. Can't sleep much because of the congestion, and can't really take anything that works! I haven't been too nauseous though, so that's good! A good friend was very nice and took the girls to the park for 4 hours Sunday, so I got a good nap and some housework done!

Activity: Another rough one. I walked a lot at the game, but Sunday night Claire jumped on my (broken) foot and this morning I couldn't walk on it at all, and it was swollen again. I'm going back to the dr in the morning so he can look at it. Ugh. I'm starting to feel like I'll be in this boot forever, and I'll never be able to run again! I'm SO tired of it. 

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