Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Girl Named 34 Weeks

Well, I'm getting increasingly cranky! I feel bad for anyone that has to talk to me. I know I only have a few weeks left, but anyone who's been pregnant knows these are the WORST few weeks! I know I've done it twice before, but I was younger then and didn't have 2 kids to take care of! Anyway, I'm just a big whiner so just ignore me until this baby comes. ;) We went and bought more baby stuff that we need, so it's fun to buy stuff and get everything ready, and to finally get dad involved in this pregnancy! We even bought a "Baby Keurig" (Formula Pro) that is basically a Keurig - it mixes formula and water and makes a bottle at the perfect temperature in under a minute. It's a splurge, but we're pretty excited to use it! I also have an amazing friend that GAVE me her super nice Medela breast pump to use, so I'm going to give nursing the good college try again this time. I only made it 6 weeks with Kylie and 2 with Claire, so I'd like to make it longer this time since I have a good pump! Now that almost everything is ready though, I'm getting impatient for her to come. It dawned on me that on maternity leave I will be home with just ONE kid! Kylie and Claire will both be in school all day. It's going to be amazing! I can watch what I want on TV, there won't be arguing, fighting, talking's going to be so nice with just a baby to cry when she's hungry, like a vacation! ;)

The Belly: Seriously. I didn't take a picture this week, but I feel like she gains a pound a week. 

Food: I can't wait to eat again without being miserable. I'm never hungry, and when I do eat (even a small amount of food) I get so full that I'm miserable for hours. I do love powdered sugar donuts though...yikes!

Baby: She's the size of a cantaloupe. Maybe an African cantaloupe (which I have to assume is much bigger than a regular cantaloupe).

Feeling: Exhausted, uncomfortable, can't get comfortable to sleep, sore, no energy, headaches, Braxton Hicks...should I go on? 

Activity: Putting socks and shoes on. 

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