Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Girl Named 33 Weeks

So I've missed a few weeks...again. Christmas and New Years were really busy for me I guess! We are getting the nursery put together, I had a wonderful baby shower Saturday thanks to my Bertie Heather and all my awesome friends! I've gotten all Chloe's clothes washed and put away, and her room is pretty much ready to go! I can't believe I have less than 7 weeks left, it's really starting to get real! I can't wait for her to get here and meet her!

The Belly: Well, it's huge, there's not much else to say! It is sore every day (I guess ligaments stretching) and heavy to carry around. Here is a picture for reference:
33 Weeks
Food: The room in my stomach is getting smaller and smaller, so I've been eating small meals every couple hours. I just can't hold very much, and I'm NEVER hungry!

Baby: She's the size of a pineapple! She feels more like a bowling ball... She is still not very active, only a few times a day, but my dr. assured me that maybe she's just a calm sleepy baby, and there's nothing to worry about. I guess compared to Claire, any baby would be calm! ;) She seems to respond to Claire, but that could be because Claire is so loud! 

Feeling: I'm feeling pretty good, other than being tired and my back hurts constantly, and I hate walking (or waddling in my case) or standing. 

Activity: I really don't know why I include this category anymore. 


  1. You are doing great! I know 7 weeks seems like a long time, but I thought with a second kid it went really fast and I barely had time to get everything done that I needed to! I am guessing it's even crazier for your third kid. Hang in there, chica!

    1. Thanks Sarah! It does seem like a long time to go, but I know it will be here before I know it.