Monday, June 2, 2014

Girl Named Crazy

I read this article today, and felt the need to blog about it. It's about being ashamed when you have more than 2 kids. 

To the Lady Ashamed of Being Pregnant With Her Fourth

When we had Kylie, people asked if we were going to try for a boy. When we had Claire, people asked if we were going to try for a boy or if we were done. When I was pregnant with Chloe, people asked if she was an accident or planned (and I was always amazed people had the nerve to ask such a question), and if we are done or going to try for a boy. Now, when we did PLAN to have Chloe we were trying for a boy, but not everyone knows that. Why would they just assume that since we had two girls we automatically wanted a boy? And now that we have 3 girls, we will automatically try for a boy again? Having a girl and a boy doesn't define the American family. We are very happy and blessed with the 3 amazing girls that we have. 

People also assume if you're having more than 2 kids you're crazy. Studies have been done, and the parents of 4 kids reported being the happiest! Having said that, sometimes I feel like I'm crazy. Having 3 kids is HARD work. But for us personally, the benefits far outweigh the work we have to put in. Those 3 girls are our lives, and we can't imagine it any other way. And it melts my heart on a daily basis to see them interact with each other, and the sweet little sister moments they have (when they're actually being nice to each other!) and the bond that I know they will have for life. I am an only child, and I have wished my whole life that I had a sister to share everything with, so I'm so happy to have provided that to my kids. Every day is a new adventure, and I just want to enjoy this "magic time" while they're little because all too fast it will be past. 

The bottom line is - 1 kid or 20 kids (if you're a Duggar) it's everyone's individual family decision, and none of anyone's business. Moms get judged for SO many things, why add the number of children she has to the list? Why can't we moms stick together and support each other instead of picking apart every little thing that each other does. 

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