Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Girl Named Back at Work

Well I'm officially back at work. It was so nice to have 10 weeks off to spend with Chloe, I'm a little sad to be back. It is hard to leave her every morning. But I am glad to be back into a routine, and using my brain on a daily basis, and talking to other adults! It is definitely exhausting though (all you mom's understand!) Getting up by 6:30 (this morning I was up at 5am!) to get ready and get Chloe fed, drive her to Springfield to the sitter, then back to Republic for work, then after work drive back to Springfield to get her, then back to Battlefield to get Kylie at school and Claire at preschool. Yesterday it took me 45 minutes after work, and I only picked up 2 of the kids! Then fix dinner, baths, bedtime, then it's my bedtime! I've yet to figure out how a shower for myself works into this routine... ;) I know we will get used to it, it's just a big change. Having 3 kids at 3 different places every day is a lot of driving! I am so fortunate that Chloe sleeps very well at night still, most nights she's asleep by 8:30 and sleeps until about 6:30am, so that helps a lot! 

The big girls just love Chloe though, Kylie is so good at feeding her and holding her, and calming her down when she's crying. Claire just loves kissing her and telling her she looks beautiful. I look at those girls every day and think how blessed we are to have such beautiful, healthy, smart little girls. They enrich my life in unimaginable ways, most days they are the only thing that gets me through!

We took the girls to a Springfield Cardinals game on Sunday, it was Chloe's first! We sat in our Ashley Furniture suite, so it was easy to be able to take care of her. They had a lot of fun! 

Kylie had her kindergarten graduation on Monday, I can't believe the school year is over! This year has flown by, it seems like just last week we were taking her to the first day, and I had just found out I was pregnant. Now we have a 2 month old and Kylie's almost a 1st grader!! 

The days are long, but the years are short. Kylie will be 6 (going on 16) years old in a month, and Claire will be 4! 

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