Monday, December 9, 2013

Girl Named 27 Weeks

Things have been crazy with Thanksgiving and Black Friday (I had to work midnight to 3am, and the store was crazy!), we've been pretty busy! We put up Christmas decorations, we organized the girls room and unbunked the beds (which I like for ease of access, but it does take up a lot of extra room), then we had a huge snowstorm on Friday so we didn't leave our house for 3 days! I was so happy to "break free" today, although Kylie's school was cancelled again today, so dad kept her. I haven't even started to shop for Christmas (last minute anyone?) and I haven't sent Christmas cards yet. I'm training a girl at work to take over for me while I'm on maternity leave, and trying to get as much done before I leave as I can. We are also moving offices in the next couple weeks, plus I'm taking the week of Christmas off. So much to do! 

I can't believe she will be here in less than 12 weeks! We got the crib put back together, and her room is SEMI organized...we still can't decide if we're going to use the owls or use Claire's jungle animals (but then we'd have to paint). At least we have a few weeks left to get it figured out, but this is way too last minute for me. I guess with your 3rd you're not as quick with things as you are with your first! 

The Belly: It's officially big, and uncomfortable. After working all day putting up decorations and organizing the girls room, I was up half the night with contractions so bad I couldn't get comfortable, then my belly was sore for 2 days afterwards! I think I overdid it, and I definitely learned my lesson, that was horrible.

Food: I haven't had much of an appetite, I get full very quickly and stay full for a long time. I guess that's good for the weight gain though!

Baby: She's the size of a head of cauliflower! She's getting big, and I definitely feel her move a lot. She especially moves when Claire is around, I think she really likes her!

Feeling: Just exhausted and tired. My body gets tired easily and I have no energy. I can sleep for 10 hours at night and wake up tired! Only 12 weeks to go...

Activity: Ha! See comment above about overdoing it. No thanks. 

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