Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everyday Life

Things have just been so busy lately! A lot has been going on at work, which makes all aspects of life busy, I've found. For a while I was neglecting my running, but last week I made myself run 4 times, and today I registered for two races, one next week and one next month. I am so happy that I've made myself focus on running again. It's so easy to let it slip when things get hectic, but it truly is the only thing I can do that keeps me sane and makes me feel focused and energetic. If you're reading this on my actual blog, you can see my 3 new running widgets that will allow me to be more accountable to everyone reading, and you can share in my progress! This morning Kylie said "When I get bigger, I want to race with you!" and that made me feel good. She for sure will do races with me, and I can't wait to share that experience with her (and Claire, eventually!)

I guess we've finally decided on Halloween costumes. And by "we", I mean Kylie wouldn't decide because she's 3 years old, so we came to a decision we could all be happy with. They are both going to be princesses. I know, not very creative, especially compared to last years' "Dora and Boots". But Kylie went from Jessie from Toy Story, to a devil, to a butterfly princess, to a normal princess. That's where we stayed. It will be cute though, and next year hopefully she will be old enough and excited enough to actually choose a costume. We shall see.

I'm so excited to be having a CMC Accessories party Saturday night for my "bertie" Heather, then me and her and hopefully a couple other friends that said "maybe" will be going out to dinner and for drinks afterwards. It's crazy the things I get excited about now that I'm older! I've been looking forward to it all week though!

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