Thursday, March 14, 2013

Girl Named Speechless

I know, anyone that knows me knows I'm never speechless. I haven't written for a LONG time, mainly because I don't know what to write about. I don't want to be too bragadocious about my life, and I hesitate to share too many intimate details of my life and my family's life, so I feel that I've run out of topics! Here is an overview of what's been happening:

I registered for a half-marathon (yikes) on April 13th in Kansas City. Pete is doing it with me (not that it matters, because he doesn't run with me) but I am really nervous. There is a time limit on this race (I curse Crystal for convincing me to sign up for this one, then backing out!) and I'm not sure I can make it in the time limit. I am running a 15k this weekend (9.32 miles) and am also very nervous (although there is no time limit on this one, whew!) My last long run was 7.5 miles, and was the worst run of my life. I have never had a run where I literally wondered if I would make it back home, or if Pete would have to come pick me up. I made it home...very slowly. I had a sinus infection, lack of sleep, and strong winds were the perfect cherry on top. I've started antibiotics and feel MUCH better, but am wondering if I'm ready to tackle 9 miles yet. I wish I had one more week. It's so hard to overcome those doubts and voices telling me I can't do it, I'm too fat, I'm not athletic, why would I ever think I could do something like this, I'll come in last, everyone will laugh at me, I will pass out, I will die, etc. etc. I am terrified of this race.  

We registered Kylie for kindergarten (gasp), she will start this fall. We have her orientation April 10th, and I can't believe it. She's so funny though, she knows I am (like a typical mom) in disbelief that she's that old, so when I mention it she says "We aren't supposed to talk about me going to kindergarten, because it makes you sad". Be still my heart. It's so cliche, but I honestly don't know how they grow up so fast. Claire is almost 3, and talking SO much, telling stories, singing songs, and it seems like she was just born too. Such is life. 
4 1/2 going on 16

My job is going great, after being there a year in January I finally feel like I've gotten into the groove and everything is going smoothly (knock on wood). I enjoy what I do, and am so thankful to have found this job when I did! 

I was recently honored with being selected as one of the Springfield Business Journal's 40 Under 40 2013 Class. They put a nice article in their publication, and Pete, Heather and Nathan accompanied me to a wonderful dinner and award ceremony where they presented all the honorees with beautiful hand-made glass awards. I was truly humbled by the experience. The other honorees were accomplished, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, successful members of society, I felt I didn't belong and it must be some mistake that I was chosen. I am proud of my accomplishments, but don't feel that they rank in the top 40 of Springfield's under 40 population! It was so amazing to be placed in the company of the other honorees.
My handsome husband and I at the 40 Under 40 dinner

Other than that, life has been pretty "normal". I count my blessings every day - that I have such awesome, healthy kids; an amazing husband; so many awesome friends and family that support me; a roof over my head; a good job; I am truly the luckiest girl alive. With that I'll leave you, and hopefully it won't be 3 months until my next post! 

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