Monday, September 17, 2012

Girl Named Relaxed

 We had a nice relaxing weekend at Covington Lodge (my boss' lake house) this weekend! We had it planned for a while, and it of course decided to rain ALL weekend, after being in a drought all summer. I appreciate the rain, I just don't appreciate the timing of the rain! We had planned to have a picnic, go on a walk and play outside all weekend - we ended up staying inside, watching movies and eating all weekend. It was still very nice and relaxing though, despite the fact that I probably gained 5 pounds!

Friday night we had a nice chicken dinner, and were able to eat outside on the covered deck - we of course had Sweet Baby Rays, because we love Sweet Baby Rays! (that is a reference to the last lake weekend with friends, anyone that was there will understand!)

Then we watched tv for a while, and the girls were so happy to be there! Claire was especially happy because she found a guitar to play.

Saturday night we made home made pizza. I am not a cook, I try, but it never works out well. This is how the pizza turned out - we still ate it, it wasn't bad, just a little crispy! Making memories...

We were able to build a fire in the fire pit Saturday night and make s'mores, so that was exciting! Sunday morning it was still raining, but while I was packing the car the girls went on a little walk - 

I think this picture represents our weekend well - minimal fighting between the girls, just good loving family time. It was exactly what we needed after the week we all had last week with Pete being gone and the issues he had getting home with the flight cancellations. Weekends like this help ground me - help me to appreciate what I have, and spend quality time with my family, and enjoy the girls while they are still small. I am so thankful for my little family! 

P.S. I would like to add - the low point of the weekend was on the drive home - Claire started crying and said "My mouth hurts!" then promptly threw up all over herself. (we should have known because Kylie said the same thing the last time she threw up). So we had to find a place to pull over, get her cleaned up, and luckily we had spare clothes for her to change into! We stopped and got her Cheez-its (the closest thing the gas station had to crackers, don't judge us) and a Sprite. She seemed fine after that...I think it may have been dad's driving on the hilly and windy roads from the lake! 

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